dr hab. n. med. Sławomir Sidorowicz, prof. AMKL

Sławomir Krzysztof Sidorowicz

  • Specialist psychiatrist, dr hab., ass. prof. emeritus of Medical University, Wroclaw; prof.of Musical Academy, Wroclaw,
  • Born: October 25, Wilno,
  • Studies: Medical University, Wrocław,
  • University teacher and scientific worker, Medical University, Wroclaw, senior as., ass. Prof.,
  • 1972: Specialization – psychiatry,
  • 1972: Doctorate in psychiatry: Enzymology of cerebro-spinal fluid in alcoholism,
  • 1991: Habilitation: Neuropsychology and computer tomography investigations in alcohol dependence syndrome,
  • Author or coauthor of over 100 scientific papers (clinical psychiatry, social and legal psychiatry; psychopharmacotherapy; biological psychiatry, dependency, industrial psychiatry, bioethics); review papers,chapters in psychiatric handbooks,
  • Thesis supervisor of two doctorates; examiner of three doctorates,
  • Chief editor of scientific journal „Wiadomości Psychiatryczne” (Psychiatric Review),
  • Scientific editor of Polish editions of handbooks by American or British authors; for example: American Psychiatric Association: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, DSM-5, Edra Urban and Partner 2018; Marwick K., Birrell S.: Psychiatry. Elsevier Urban and Partner 2014; Petit J.R.: Handbook of Emergency Psychiatry, Elsevier Urban and Partner 2007; Turkington R. et al.: Cognitive Therapy, Recovery and Psychosis, Elsevier Urban and Partner 2013; Hanley J.: Perinatal Mental Health. Elsevier Urban and Partner 2012,
  • Editorial adviser of scientific journals: Psychiatria Polska (Polish Psychiatry, 1992-2002); Alcoholizm i Narkomanie (Alcoholism and Addictions, 1995-2010); Badania nad Schizofrenią (Studies on Schizophrennia, 1998),
  • 1996-up till now: Member of the Bioethical Commission at the Medical Univesity, Wroclaw. Internal reviewer of ethical aspects of scientific projects.
  • 2009-up till now: Expert in psychiatry at the Department of Forensic Medicine of Medical University, Wroclaw,
  • 1979-up till now: Expert in psychiatry of the Archiepiscopal Court, Wroclaw,
  • 1973-1974: Grant holder of the World Health Organization, Institute of Psychiatry, London,
  • 1993: Grant holder of the Tempus, Institute of Psychiatry, Triest, Italy,
  • 1995-2007: President or vice-president of the Wroclaw Department of Polish Psychiatric Association,
  • 1980: Chief of the Solidarity Trade Union at the Medical Univesity, Wrocław; 1982 - interned under martial law,
  • 1982-1989: Chief of the Underground Solidarity Trade Union at the Medical University, Wroclaw,
  • 1991-1999: Co-Editor of the monthly „Naszym Zdaniem” (Our Opinion) of the Solidarity Union at the Medical Univesity, Wroclaw; author of 66 articles on social, political or cultural subjects,
  • Member of the Polish Psychiatric Association, Catholic Association of Physicians, The Society of Help of Saint Brother Albert Chmielowski,
  • 1974-1980: Academic teacher of psychotherapy, Musictherapy Unit, State Higher Musical School,
  • 1997-2011: Director of the Musictherapy Unit, Musical Academy, Wroclaw,
  • 2007-up till now: Ass. Prof. Academy of Music, lecturer in psychiatry and ethics of musictherapy profession. Coorganizer (with dr Frejtak) of the Scientific Association of Musictherapy Students,
  • 2009-2011: Member of the National Council of Musictherapy,
  • 2002-2003: Member of the Advisory Board of the journal: „Polisch Musictherapy”.


  • 1989 – Golden Cross of Merit
  • 2004 – Order of Merit of the Commission of National Education
  • 2005 – Knight of Polonia Restituta Order
  • 2010 – Medal XXX years of Solidarity Trade Union
  • 2012 – Medal „Invincible” for the anticomunist activity 1981-1989
  • 2020 – Badge of Merit for the Independence 1956-1989
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