The Sound Factory Orchestra

The Sound Factory Orchestra dates back to 2001, when the string orchestra was formed under the telling name of Tech-No Orchestra, with a focus on performing new and newest music. After many trials and tribulations, the orchestra… went silent, only to return under a new name and with new ideas to perform the legendary concert on 13 May 2010.  The tropically hot small concert hall exploded with the sounds of music by Lutosławski, Szalonek and Mykietyn, unwittingly taking away the audience of another concert held simultaneously as part of a well-established festival. Further concerts were held abroad. First, the band visited Goerlitz, then Dresden, Berlin and Essen, and then took another tour to Amsterdam, Antwerp and Utrecht. Today, international tours form an important part of SFO's activity.

The major advantage of the orchestra is its interdisciplinary character. A combination of electroacoustic and computer-based music, quasi-theatrical forms, video art and a broad spectrum of styles is the signature of SFO's concerts and recordings. The orchestra cooperates with the AMKL Computer Composition Studio, with which it organises the “Sine scientia ars nihil est” festival at the Karol Lipiński Academy of Music in Wrocław.

The band has also participated in such initiatives as SoundLab at the Szczecin Philharmonic, the Game Music Festival in Wrocław and the New Music Week in Essen. In 2011 the orchestra, joined by the distinguished Polish oboist Kazimierz Dawidek, carried out the project called “Ocalić od zapomnienia – Witold Szalonek i jego tony kombinowane (Saving from oblivion – Witold Szalonek and his ”combined tones”), which involved concerts in Poland and Germany, and a truly unique record with orchestra pieces of this renowned Polish composer. Furthermore, the band made a number of archival recordings, documenting the compositions of both well-known composers and outsiders of the Polish music scene. The idea of supporting underrated and marginalised artists, as well as those requiring artistic supervision runs through in the orchestra's activities.

The orchestra operates at the Karol Lipiński Academy of Music in Wrocław, and is in close cooperation with the Academy to promote new music and support young artists and performers. The band has numerous permanent collaborators and helps students and graduates to master their skills at the start of their career. Depending on the needs, the band consists of 3 to 72 musicians, and its core members are:

Małgorzata Kogut-Ślanda - violin
Kamila Swoboda-Wietrzyk - violin
Mateusz Oklasiński - violin, viola
Gabriela Buzan - viola
Bożena Kotwińska - cello
Paulina Derewiecka - double bass
Kalina Majewska - flutes
Renata Raczyło - clarinets
Dominik Maciążek - accordion
Katarzyna Miśkiewicz - piano
Tomasz Radziszewski - guitar
Malwina Lipiec-Rozmysłowicz - harp
Piotr Bednarczyk - live electronics
Paweł Lisek - video

The artistic director of the band is Robert Kurdybacha, a conductor, composer, instrumentator and arranger.

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