About us

The Karol Lipiński Academy of Music in Wrocław plays a crucial role in developing, fulfilling and promoting the Polish cultural and educational mission, fostering the development of a dynamic and innovative society for which the musical arts are a source of inspiration and a carrier of values.

Our Academy offers a broad range of Bachelor’s, Master's and doctoral programmes with a view to creating employment opportunities for its graduates as instrumentalists, vocalists, composers, conductors, theoreticians, music teachers and music therapists, at the same time enabling their active involvement in broad culture. Through the respective levels of studies, postgraduate studies and deep involvement in stimulating and motivating students to engage in culture-forming activities, we provide them with top-class art education, helping them reach excellence and become distinguished artists, leaders and citizens of the world.

Classical music is the core of our culture and cultural heritage, and at our Academy the programmes of study and a broad selection of generally available concerts encompass the heritage of 500 years of music. This does not mean, however, that we do not keep track of modernity. Contemporary trends in music are also crucial to us, as the enormous asset of music is its diversity, the abundance of styles, genres and idioms, which is both a challenge and inspiration for further growth and ongoing revision of our study programmes.

At the international level, the Academy of Music in Wrocław cooperates with many higher education institutions in Europe, and in Poland this cooperation includes schools, higher education institutions and cultural institutions, which adds substantial value to our study programmes. Also, a number of other activities are performed to promote musical arts among the general public. Our graduates become soloists, receive engagements in renowned orchestras, choir and chamber ensembles, run numerous amateur ensembles, educate children and adolescents in music and general schools, conduct research on various aspects of music performance and creation, create new pieces of music or provide music therapy.

Another important point is our infrastructure, comprising six buildings with state-of-the-art teaching and practice facilities, fine concert halls and recording studios with top-class equipment.

Our 70-year history shows our dedication to promoting excellence and innovation in a number of areas of music education, finding continuous inspiration in our students, the involvement and knowledge of our faculty and partners in the country and abroad. The achievements of the Academy are reflected in the successes of its students and graduates, who have won numerous awards in acclaimed music competitions in the country and abroad. Their ongoing contribution to the artistic life shows that our Academy's dedication to “musical excellence” is something more than just an expression in our mission – it permeates every aspect of our work.

We believe that music has a positive impact on the life of each of us and that the Academy of Music in Wrocław has a crucial role to play in helping us give music the due place in our lives – at any age and at each stage.

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