The Main Library of the Karol Lipiński Academy of Music in Wrocław supports education and research at the Academy and provides its users with access to information on music art. The collections of the Main Library of the Academy of Music mainly include music scores and books devoted to broadly defined music research: the history of world and Polish music, theory of music, aesthetics, psychology and sociology of music, ethnomusicology, and culture and arts of Wrocław and the Lower Silesian region.

The library also has a collection of specialist music research journals published in Poland and abroad, as well as popular science magazines. The library’s collection numbers 151 music journals and other journals. Currently, it subscribes 38 journals, including 14 imported from abroad. The total number of library's volumes is 120,608, including 93,753 volumes of scores (with parts), 13,959 volumes of books, 2,046 volumes of journals, 2,400 volumes of Master's theses, 39 volumes of PhD dissertations, two Bachelor's theses and 8,409 archival documents on the artistic activities of employees and students of higher education institutions and Wrocław's music life.

Books and journals on subjects other than music are collected for research and teaching purposes.

The artistic activities of the Academy are documented in the form of press cuttings, bills, posters and concert programmes. The library also hosts thematic exhibitions as part of scientific conferences and sessions, and exhibitions showcasing library volumes.

The library also operates the Comprehensive Library Management System PROLIB M 21, which makes it possible to catalogue non-serial printed publications, serial printed publications, printed music and sound recordings, and also allows online access to the collections. Since 2008 the AMKL Main Library has collected bibliographic records from the NUKAT database. Bibliographic records of all books stored in the Library have been entered in the computer catalogue, and work is under way on supplementing the database of printed music and journals. The research and artistic work of academic teachers is recorded by the PROMAX-Bibliografia program.

In 2006 the library joined the Consortium of the Lower Silesian Digital Library (DBC), with the aim of furthering cooperation between libraries from our region on the digitalisation and online publication of library collections.

In 2015 the Karol Lipiński Academy of Music in Wrocław completed the “Redevelopment and infrastructure overhaul of the Academy of Music in Wrocław,” task involving the upgrade of the Main Library rooms to provide optimum conditions for education.

The task was subsidised by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

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