Why study music in Wrocław?

The Academy of Music in Wrocław is one of the most important centres of artistic education in Poland. Among our graduates there are many outstanding artists who permorm in the greatest music halls around the world: Aleksandra Kurzak (soprano), Agata Zubel (composer, singer), Marzena Diakun (conductor), Marcelina Beucher (soprano).  

Our Academy:

  • trains over 600 students at many programmes: composition, conducting, theory of music, music therapy, instrumental studies, jazz & stage music, vocal studies, music education, choral art, church music
  • coopertes with Wrocław's higher education schools, as well as Wrocław's festivals and cultural institutions
  • takes an active part in Wrocław's cultural life by organizing concerts for residents and tourists and by participating in city celebrations - tha Feast of Science, the Lower Silesian Science Festival and many more.
  • runs master courses with the participation of outstanding artist and teachers from all over the world as part of the project: Masters in the Academy and Visiting Professors
  • has 10 music groups: the symphony, the chamber, the avant-garde, the baroque and the wind orchestras, the Big Band and 3 choirs.

The Academy Campus comprises 6 builings which house the various music Faculties. Since 2013 the Academy has been using a new teaching-and-concert facility which comprises modernly equipped practice rooms and among other things: a Concert Hall, a large Rechersal Hall, a Lecture Hall, a Ballet Hall and a new Organ Hall. The Academy has modern instruments and professional recording studio, thanks to which the students can develope their skills in truly proffestional conditions.

The Academy of Music in Wrocław offers:

  • best qualified professors
  • staff assistance in English study programmes
  • various artistic and scientific activities
  • student's events and special interests groups
  • practice rooms and instrument rental
  • Language School, Library and Recording Studio
  • modern Concert Hall
  • cafeteria, WiFi, open air patio.

The Karol Lipiński Academy of Music actively engages in multifaceted foreign cooperation. The current number of partner higher education institutions in 25 countries exceeding 70.

Recently, the Academy has started an exchange artistic co-operation with Georgia, Estonia and Ukraine within the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange programmes (so called: ’NAWA Programmes’)

Moreover, the Academy organized The China-Europe International Culture and Arts Festival with partner from Beijing and 150 participants from all China in July 2019.

Why Wrocław?

WROCŁAW - commonly known as THE MEETING PLACE, is one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Poland. It is a place teeming with the life and energy, friendly towards avant-garde art and open to unconventional artistic project. 

Wrocław is a well-known and thiriving academic centre which attracts students from all over the world. Young people studying at Wrocław higher education schools make 1/5 of all the city's residents. 

A great number and variety of cultural events contribute to the special atmosphere of the city. Numorous international festivals, like: Wratislavia Cantans, New Horizons, Brave Festival, Jazz on the Odra, Jazztopad, Dialog - Wrocław International Theatre Festival, Ethno Jazz Festival, Musica Electronica Nova; concerts, theatre and artistic performances and exhibitions co-organized by young artists have brought popularity and the title of the EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE 2016 to the city.

Musical potential of the city is directly connected with important musis institutions of Wrocław. The Wrocław Opera holds over 200 perfomances and at least one mega-production every year, and the National Music Forum is one of the biggest music centres in Europe.

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