Church Music

The Faculty of Music Education, Choral Art and Church Music provides a programme in Art Education in the field of Music Art at the level of first- and second-cycle studies. The programme’s concept comprises three specialties: music education, conducting vocal and instrumental ensembles, and church music. Students choose their specialties at the beginning of first- and second-cycle studies, with an option to combine specialties to help graduates expand their skills as they prepare for future work in various fields requiring specialised qualifications, such as of a music teacher in a general school, a teacher in a first-level music school, a choir master and a church musician. The knowledge, skills and social competence acquired during the studies make it possible for them to find employment in professions closely related to their programmes, and also provide them with versatility, enabling them to find attractive jobs in almost every music institution and sphere of musical life.

One of the overarching objectives of the educational concept for the programme is to develop individual capabilities of students so that they would become independent artists and teachers able to implement their own artistic and teaching concepts. This assumption is based on arranging the teaching process around the master-disciple relationship to nurture and develop the abilities, sensitivity and creativity of the students.

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