dr Klaudia Kukiełczyńska-Krawczyk

Klaudia Kukiełczyńska-Krawczyk - doctor, music therapist, composer, lecturer at the Karol Lipiński Academy of Music in Wrocław. In 2006 she defended her PhD dissertation entitled: The influence of selected elements of a relaxing work of music on the heart rate variability at the Faculty of Physiotherapy of the Academy of Physical Education in Wrocław. Her academic output includes several dozen publications in Polish and English. She delivered papers on music therapy during many conferences at home and abroad, e.g. in Krems and Vienna, at the Lower Silesian Festival of Science and at the Artez Conservatory in Enschede, the Netherlands. She specialises in music therapy of neurotic disorders, programming music for therapy, improvisation in therapy and history of music therapy. She runs therapeutic sessions at the Psychiatric Clinic in Wrocław. For many years she has been the tutor of the Association of Music Therapy Students, organising Polish and international conferences of music therapy students and supporting their academic and artistic projects. She has promoted music therapy at the Universities of the Third Age and at the Open Academy organised by the Academy of Music in Wrocław. She has composed and arranged several dozen pieces including Piano Concerto and Quasi passacaglia for solo violin and tape, which was performed during the ‘Musica Polonica Nova’ Polish Contemporary Music Festival in Wrocław (1998).

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