dr Przemysław Jarosz

Przemysław Jarosz, jazz drummer, composer, teacher has been established in Wrocław since 1999 when he began his studies at the Karol Lipinski Academy of Music. During his studies he was the finalist of numerous competitions and a winner of individual and collective prizes.Collaborating with many bands, he performs at a most of prestigious Jazz Festivals in Poland like the Jazz Nad Odrą Festival, Głogowskie Spotkania Jazzowe, Jazz w Ruinach or Green Town of Jazz to name some of them.

He plays concerts in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, the Netherlands, Slovakia, France and Belgium. He continuously records new albums: with Piotr Baron Quintet "Jazz na Hrade", with Dominik Bukowski "Simple Words", with Maciej Fortuna "Jazz grom POLAND, vol. 1" in 2012, with Krystyna Stańko "Snik" in 2014 to name some of them.
Since December 2015, he leads his own group Yarosh Organ Trio touring around POLAND, performing at most significant jazz festivals. He released a debut CD called „Yarosh Organ Trio” on February 2016 followed by second album called „Alterakcje” feat. great jazz vocalist Katarzyna Mirowska.

Since 2005 he has been involved in teaching and scholarly activity. In 2014 he earned a doctorate in musical arts. Currently he works as an assistant professor, teaching jazz percussion at the Music Academy in Wrocław and as a lecturer in percussion at the Institute of Music of the University of Zielona Góra.

Recent Discography:

  • 2013 - Dominik Bukowski Group - Simple Words
  • 2013 - Maciej Fortuna - Jazz from Poland, vol.1
  • 2013 - Lion Vibrations - Friends
  • 2014 - Krystyna Stańko - Snik
  • 2016 - Yarosh Organ Trio - Yarosh Organ Trio
  • 2016 - Improvision Quartet - Free Folk Jazz
  • 2017 - Yarosh Organ Trio, ft. Katarzyna Mirowska - Alterakcje
  • 2018 - Wojciech Staroniewicz Quintet, ft. Erik Johannesen - North Park

/photo: K.Minko/