The Academic Chamber Orchestra

The Academic Chamber Orchestra of the Karol Lipiński Academy of Music in Wrocław was established in 1979 at the initiative of violist Jan Michalski, who was the first artistic director of the orchestra. Juliusz Michalski succeeded him in this position, and since 1990s the orchestra has been run by dr Zbigniew Szufłat, who is affiliated with the Wrocław Leopoldinum Chamber Orchestra, similarly to his predecessors. The orchestra is composed of first- and second-year students of first-cycle programmes, and its primary goal is to prepare young instrumentalists to performing symphonic repertoires as members of the Academic Symphonic Orchestra. The orchestra consists of a string quintet, when necessary accompanied by a wind quintet. The orchestra is conducted by Wrocław’s conductors and visiting conductors from abroad. Recently, the orchestra could demonstrate their performance prowess under prominent artists such as Krijn Koetsveld, Alexander Walker and Vladimir Kiradijev. The orchestra makes several performances a year, including as part of the Graduands' Concerts series and in cooperation with the Vocal Faculty on opera performance projects.

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