The Feichtinum Choir

The Feichtinum Choir of the Karol Lipiński Music Academy in Wrocław was formed in 1988 on the initiative of prof. Zofia Urbanyi-Krasnodębska, who suggested naming the choir after Rev. prof. Hieronim Feicht – the first rector of the Academy.

For the next seven years, the choir was managed by its founder, playing concerts in Poland and abroad, and participating, i.a., in the Florilege de Tours Choral Festival in France (1991), with several appearances at the "Barbórka" Academic Choirs Festival, where in 1989 it received an award for the best performance of a Baroque piece.

In 1995 Bogusława Orzechowska took over the direction of the Feichtinum Choir. Under her tutelage, the choir made a number of première performances of pieces by contemporary Wrocław composers and was awarded the 2nd prize and special honourable mention in the Lucjan Laprus Choral Song Competition in Wrocław (1999). In 2000, under the direction of the then second conductor Jolanta Szybalska-Matczak, the choir was awarded an honourable mention at the Legnica Cantat National Choir Tournament. In 2005/2006 – 2013/2014, the choir was managed by Jolanta Szybalska-Matczak. The current manager and conductor of the Feichtinum is Artur Wróbel. The recent achievements of the choir include:

  • performing at the International Eurochestries Charente-Maritime Festival in France (2014),
  • première of “Missa Brevis” by Michał Ziółkowski (2017),
  • GRAND PRIX at the 6th Vivat Academia National Festival of Academic Choirs (2017),
  • the Golden Diploma and the Special Prize for the best performance of a Passion piece during the 5th International Szczecin Festival of Passion Music (2018),
  • the Golden Diploma and the title of Winner in the Academic Choirs Category, and the Special Prize for the best interpretation of a religious piece at the 4th Józef Świder International Competition in Cieszyn (2018).
  • the Golden Diploma at the 50th National Choir Tournament 'Legnica Cantat' (2019).

The Feichtinum Choir at the Academy fulfils a number of artistic roles, cooperating on a regular basis with the String Orchestra of the Faculty of Music Education and the Academic Symphonic Orchestra, and participating in the presentation of great vocal-and-instrumental forms. The Choir lends splendour to all the academic year inauguration events, and to various celebrations in Wrocław's academic community. Also, it has showcased its skills during the Lenten Concerts and Concerts of Carols held throughout the region. The choir also serves as a conducting workshop during the “Towards Polyphony” International Choral Conducting Competition organised at the Academy by the Department of Choral Art and Conducting Music Ensembles.

The Feichtinum Choir plays an important educational role for the students of the Faculty of Music Education also during their conducting training, each year culminating with diploma concerts. Moreover, the student's participation in rehearsals and performances of the choir expands their practical skills in collective voice emission and ensemble conducting methodology, as well as their knowledge of choral literature. Hence, the repertoire of the choir covers a cappella pieces by Polish and European composers of the Renaissance, Baroque and Romantic eras, and of contemporary music.

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