The Stanisław Krukowski Choir

The Stanisław Krukowski Choir was established in 1989 for the purposes of conducting training of the then Faculty of Music Education (currently the Faculty of Music Education, Choral Art and Church Music). The choir was originated by prof. Zofia Urbanyi-Krasnodębska, with ad. Ewa Grygar as its first conductor. In the years 2007-2010, the choir was managed by ad. dr Artur Wróbel, and currently it is under the direction of ad. dr hab. Agnieszka Franków-Żelazny.

The choir is in fact a subject available to all Academy students as part of the Academy’s educational offering, dedicated mainly to students of the Instrumental Faculty, who, in addition to playing in orchestras, learn how to work in a team. Throughout its long existence, the choir has undergone a number of transformations, from a mixed studio choir to a female choir, and again to a mixed choir, named after Stanisław Krukowski, who for long was the Dean of the Faculty of Theory and Teaching, the choir master and conductor. The choir provides students of the last year of Bachelor's studies at the Faculty of Music Education, Choral Art and Church Music with an opportunity to prepare and perform their diploma concert. It also plays concerts with a cappella choir music and participates in performances of vocal-and-instrumental pieces.

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