Vocal studies

The Vocal Faculty educates singers, preparing them for solo performances on the stage and for teaching vocal instruction. The Bachelor’s level curriculum encompasses specialized subjects, including solo singing, stage movement, fundamental acting skills, vocal-and-acting scenes, general music-related subjects and arts, and a group of pedagogical subjects. The Master’s level curriculum comprises one of two specializations, which is chosen by the student. The vocal-and-acting specialization focuses on subjects related to the preparation of operatic parts in terms of music and acting, and the song-and-oratorio specialization prepares the musical aspects of oratorios and cantatas. The latter specialization also covers a seminar devoted to vocal chamber music. The repertoire sung by students as part of the course titled solo singing also differs depending on the specialization chosen. All second-level students attend the old music performance seminar. Graduates from The Vocal Faculty of the Academy and of similar university schools of music may improve their technical skills and knowledge regarding interpretation of vocal music by attending the third-level three-year course of study (the PhD course).

Students of the songs and oratorios specialty can also receive training in the interpretation of early music. In addition to preparing artist-singers for solo and stage performances, the Vocal Faculty prepares young singers for teaching as part of a separate specialty. In addition to teaching music subjects, which form the basis for the teaching process, there are classes in acting and stage movement. This is reflected in the artistic activities of the Faculty, which includes vocal-and-instrumental forms, including stage forms. Each academic year, students of the Vocal Faculty prepare and deliver an opera performance, and participate in a number of concerts at the Academy, and in other locations. During the 50-year history of the Faculty, a number of opera performances were staged, including “The Italian Girl in Algiers” by G. Rossini, “The Elixir of Love” by G. Donizetti, “Krakowiacy i Górale” by J. Stefani and “The Marriage of Figaro” by W.A. Mozart. A number of theatre plays were also performed. Most opera performances are prepared by the Vocal Faculty students in collaboration with the Academic Chamber Orchestra, the String Orchestra of the Faculty of Music Education and the Orchestra of the Ryszard Bukowski State Secondary Music School in Wrocław.

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