Honored with the SILESIA 2021 cultural award, the interdisciplinary, inter-university project "Random Check" in completely new edition and with a new program was presented on November 12 as part of the Audio Art Festival in Krakow. In this edition of the project, we saw and heard five separate audiovisual compositions created as a result of cooperation between composers representing the Karol Lipiński Academy of Music and artists associated with the Faculty of Graphics and Media Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts.

The originator of the Random Check project is dr Marcin Rupociński

Coordination: Marcin Rupociński, Maja Wolińska

The following compositions was presented as part of the Random Check II project:
Berenika Wojnar - Klaudia Kasperska Palinopsis/kakoopsis
Paulina Zujewska - Angelika Iżykowska C-19
Adam Baran - Aleksandra Trojanowska Klimaks
Maciej Michaluk - Bartosz Radzikowski System Sprzężeń Zwrotnych
Marcin Rupociński - Maja Wolińska Oko Poety

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