Kraków Film Music Festival: success of Ignacy Wojciechowski

We are pleased to inform you that Ignacy Wojciechowski, a student in the composition class of prof. dr hab. Krystian Kiełb, has been awarded the Kraków Film Music Festival - FMF Young Talent Award 2022. Ignacy Wojciechowski composes theatre and film music and his works are performed in the largest concert halls in Poland. We congratulate him and wish him further success!

Engler organ restoration project is over

"The voice of Silesia" sounded on Wednesday, January 27. Professor Lorenzo Ghielmi, titular organist of the Basilica of San Simpliciano in Milan, is the first to play on the restored instrument of St. Elisabeth Basilica. In the program of the opening concert we heared Te Deum of prof. Wojciech widłak, which the Italian artist will perform together with the NFM choir. The composition is dedicated to a unique instrument that has been waiting for 46 years to return to its former glory.

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

For the second time, Wroclaw Universities, the Wroclaw Academic Centre and the Academy of Young Scientists and Artists have prepared unique auctions, the proceeds of which is used to ensure the highest standards of diagnosis and treatment of vision in children. The 30th anniversary finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity was exceptional!

Dr Marcin Rupociński received a scholarship of MKiDN

Dr Marcin Rupociński was awarded the scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for the implementation of creative projects or in the field of culture dissemination for the year 2022. Within the framework of the annual creative scholarship awarded, dr Marcin Rupociński plans to implement an artistic project aimed at creating a hybrid audiovisual composition.

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